Hosting Consultant

We combine our responsiveness with your choice of hosting providers to give you premium hosting management service on complex hosting products. This enables your business to take advantage of the latest in hosting options without the overhead and experience required to get the best value out of your investment.

Managed hosting means that when you have hosting related needs, you can send an email or give us a call and we’ll be glad to either assist or simply take care of it! This includes:

  • Adding email accounts
  • Adding email forward
  • Managing Subdomains
  • Manage databases
  • Update DNS settings
  • Changing passwords
  • Managing FTP users
  • Checking for problems
  • Managing banned IPs
  • Diagnosing & correcting virus attacks

Additionally, 3PRIME is available to discuss business needs and ideas and, as your web host, is uniquely positioned to quickly implement straightforward solutions or provide a quote for website development.

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